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A Spatial Data Analysis GUI for R

I am excited to announce the addition of DeducerSpatial to the Deducer plug-in ecosystem. DeducerSpatial is a graphical user interface for the visualization and analysis of spatial data, built on Deducer's plug-in platform. In a previous post I illustrated how to user DeducerSpatial from the command line to add Open Street Map images to your R plots. In the video below, I provide a quick tour of the GUI.

To try it out for yourself:

  1. Install Deducer (Instructions)
  2. Open JGR
  3. Enter the following into the console: install.packages("DeducerSpatial",,"http://cran.r-project.org")
  4. Once DeducerSpatial is loaded ( library(DeducerSpatial) ), you can type data(states) or data(LA_places) to bring in some data to play around with.


video link







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  1. I am failing to load this package on R version 2.13. Do in need version 2.14?
    The package is awesome. Keep up the good work

  2. Is there documentation for doing choropleth mapping of zipcode areas? I saw the very terse choro_plot documentation at http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/DeducerSpatial/DeducerSpatial.pdf but I need something a little more in-depth.

  3. Hello Dear,
    can you describe which methods you used to make spatial analysis. It may be better for users if you provide an example demonstrating Spatial data analysis.