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A Spatial Data Analysis GUI for R

I am excited to announce the addition of DeducerSpatial to the Deducer plug-in ecosystem. DeducerSpatial is a graphical user interface for the visualization and analysis of spatial data, built on Deducer’s plug-in platform. In a previous post I illustrated how to user DeducerSpatial from the command line to add Open Street Map images to your R plots. In the video below, I provide a quick tour of the GUI.

To try it out for yourself:

  1. Install Deducer (Instructions)
  2. Open JGR
  3. Enter the following into the console: install.packages(“DeducerSpatial”,,””)
  4. Once DeducerSpatial is loaded ( library(DeducerSpatial) ), you can type data(states) or data(LA_places) to bring in some data to play around with.


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7 replies on “A Spatial Data Analysis GUI for R”

I am failing to load this package on R version 2.13. Do in need version 2.14?
The package is awesome. Keep up the good work

You will need 2.14. CRAN does not maintain binaries for out of date versions of R.

Hello Dear,
can you describe which methods you used to make spatial analysis. It may be better for users if you provide an example demonstrating Spatial data analysis.

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